Windows 8.1 Black Alien 2015 x64 Activated Free Download [HERE]

Windows 8.1 Black Alien 2015

Windows 8.1 Black Alien 2015 x64 Activated Free Download [HERE]

Windows 8.1 Black Alien 2015

Daily2soft.comWindows 8.1 Black Alien 2015 x64 Activated Free Download is a new modification windows in 2015 and of course has a very cool look and made based on Windows 8.1 Professional system. You fans of windows MOD can not wait to install Download Windows 8.1 AlienWare 2015 is not it? With the dominant black and red colors in this windows theme, making Windows 8.1 AlienWare 2015 is looking increasingly ferocious and cool.

Alienware Windows 8 ISO Download that we share this time is immediately active when you install it later, so you no longer need to activate on windows this one. Then you also need not worry, because x64 is not made silent installation. So when you install it to your computer or laptop, you will install is the same as you install windows 8.1 in general. For the exact update AlienWare 2015 64 Bit is already included the latest update from microsoft. So you will definitely get the maximum performance from AlienWare 2015 this.

Windows 8.1 Black Alien 2015 x64 Activated Free Download [HERE]


Updates installed: Windows 8.1:

KB307102, KB3012320, KB3012212, KB301292, KB3012260, KB3012235, KB3012702, KB3013126, KB3013172, KB3071292, KB2978081, KB2978054, KB2978081, KB2978076, KB2978041, KB302328, KB3023224, KB3023266, KB3022796, KB3023222, KB3023266, KB3023562, KB3024453, KB3024321, KB30235222, KB3021052, KB3021054, KB3021052, KB3033330, KB3031052, KB3031053, KB3031053, KB3033054, KB3033054, KB3033053, KB3032093, KB3033554, KB3033553, KB3033054, KB302604, KB3035017, KB3035126, KB3035131, KB3035132,
KB3013824, KB2978682, KB2971052, KB2979573, KB3023219, KB3035487, KB3037576, KB3048072, KB2973351, KB2973201, KB2973201, KB2973201, KB2973201, KB2973201

Apps added Automatically:

  • Mozilla Firefox 38.05
  • Notepad ++ 6.79.2
  • 7-Zip 9.38 x64
  • KMSPICO activates it automatically
  • Startisback 1.7 Regged
  • WinAero Glass
  • Rainmeter
  • The following are optional on WPI that you launch with Disk Autorun Menu

NOTE: The Above apps are in the WPI for a matter of convenience if needed for re install.

  • Netframework 4.52 plus updates
  • Visual C ++ Runtimes AIO June 2015
  • Microsoft Office Pro Plus June 2015 Updates x64
  • 7z1505-x64_silent beta
  • 1600 Artsy Fartsy Fonts
  • Abobe Reader DC 2015
  • Adobe Air 18.00.144
  • advanced installer 12.02_silent
  • aida64extreme520_silent regged
  • BleachBit-1.8-setup_silent
  • ccleaner setup506_silent
  • revo Uninstaller 1.95 setup_silent
  • RevoUninProSetup 3.12_silent regged
  • SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0_silent
  • SFXMaker_1.3.1_Final_installer_silent
  • silverlightx64

Specail Thanks For Download Windows 8.1 Black Alien 2015

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