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Daily2soft.com – TEKKEN 6 PPSSPP Android And PC After previously crowded with game TEKKEN 7 which was booming some time  make us think twice both in terms of Size and also high specification PC / Laptop to be able to play game TEKKEN 7 on PC smoothly without slow and also LAG. But still, you can still play TEKKEN 5 Game on PC PPSSPP or even on Android, but this time I will try to play game TEKKEN 7 PPSSPP in PC just yes, curious?

Optimized for the Tekken 6 PSP Iso device, Tekken 6 now not simplest contains the same explosive area motion of its home console brethren but also feature additional tiers, content, items, and an advert-hoc multiplayer mode.Preventing among buddies is encouraged as players can battle wirelessly towards each different using original or fan preferred characters. Rounding out Tekken 6 PSP listing of surprising functions is the return of the “Ghost” Infrastructure mode, which lets in players to add their “ghost” person facts and download others’ from the net onto their Tekken 7 PS3 device.

Download Link: Tekken Setup

Important Stuff Before Doing Ad Hoc Battle:

  • Make sure Tekken 6 is playing smoothly on both PC without “Multithreaded” and “Fast Memory” turned on, to avoid sync problem later. Both accessible via Settings –> System.
  • If played over Local Network, both PC’s IPs must still on the same subnet. (in this video below, it’s 192.168.56.X. With Player1 using, and Player2 using
  • Enable networking/WLAN via Settings –> System
  • Use different Nicknames on every PPSSPP involved.
  • Use different MAC address on every PPSSPP involved.
  • All PPSSPP involved must point to the SAME IP of the PC serving the AdhocServer. (in this video below, it’s * localhost or can also be used, if you’re the one running the AdhocServer.
  • CWCheat is usable, but do not use “in-fight” cheat like “Player1 invincible” etc. Also both PPSSPP must apply the exact same cheat codes. I only use CWCheat on both PPSSPP to remove the Stage selected so i can get more FPS.
  • Do not Pause your PPSSPP while battle over network (or even going online), cause it will un-sync with the AdhocServer

How to Install:

  • Extract this game using Winrar
  • Recommended emulator PPSSPP Gold
  • Instal Emulator On your Device
  • Then download Tekken 6 PSP ISO
  • Run Emultor and select your ISO Rom
  • Play and enjoy the game.
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