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Tekken 5 pc

Tekken 5 Pc Game Latest Version Free Download:

Tekken 5 pc game is the best and most popular game in tekken series. This game was developed by Namaco. And also Published by Namaco. It was released by Namaci in 24 February 2005. It is the best game in all other tekken series games. It has many new features and Many new characters in the tekken 5 game. The popularity of tekken 5 Pc game is world wide. The player can enjoy playing this game for hours and horus. It is basically Action Fighting game. Tekken 5 Game is the sixth main installment of the tekken game series. Tekken 5 ps2 has an awesome story line. Tekken 5 free game has excellent graphic and sound.


Tekken 5 pc game is full of action fighting game. Tekken 5 pc Has great game features. Tekken 5 free game has very interesting gaming modes. Tekken 5 full game has survival mode. It has time attack mode. It has story mode. It has arcade mode. All of the modes are very very interesting and has a very different story line. you can play this game as long as you want to play. and you will never get bored from this game. Because the structure of this game was designed very well. In tekken 5 pc game you can customize you player appearance. There are many new characters added in this version. some of them are male. some of them are female.


And most interesting thing in this version, there are animals added in the game as character. You can enjoy play with an animal character. This is the best game. A user can change his characters outfits. He can participate in tournament and can gain money. and can buy outfits form that money for his character. The player can play this game as single player When he is alone. And he also can play multi player mode with his friends or family. There are many other games on our website. You can also download many interesting Pc Games from our site.


System Requirements For Tekken 5 Game Free Download:

  • -Pentium 4 Core 2 Due 3.0 GHZ.
Hard Drive Space:
  • -Minimum 2 GB.
  • -1.0 GB
Video Card:
  • -Minimum 512 MB.
Direct X:
  • -Direct X latest with compatible sound card.