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Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher Apk v5.8.8 Latest Version Download:

Lucky Patcher apk is an awesome android add removal application. Lucky patcher apk Can remove can eliminate the advertisement of the application. It can remove the licenses of various kind of applications.It has power to change the the permissions of applications. Luckey patcher can create a modified app. Modified app means that An Apk file That installs an app with its applied patch. The user also can use this application to to break some apps android market license verification.


Lucky Patcher has many Features. It has backup app. Is best in his work. Luckey Patcher is one of the most using applications in world. It is popular in all over the worls. And people are using Lucky Patvher apk latest version all over the world. You can poatch your application manualy or automatic method.


How to Use Lucky Patcher Apk:

For remove license verification follow the bellow steps:
  • -Use as target only original apk files signed by the developer.
  • -Tap to Software and select “Remove License Verification.
  • -Select “Auto mode” and test Application with Internet.
  • -If the result is negative, Select “Extreme Auto mode”.
  • -If you’re lucky, your program will be registered.
For Custom Patch:
  • -Tap to Software and select “Custom Patch!”.
  • -Run and test Application with Internet.
  • -Now Patch Will work.
For Remove Google Ads:
  • -Tap to Software and select “Remove Google Ads!”.
  • -Run and test Application with Internet.
  • – Google Ads Will disappeared.
For Change Permissions Of Applications:
  • -Tap to Software and select “Change Permissions”.
  • -Tap to Permission for disable (red).
  • -Tap to Permission for enable (green).
  • -When Its Done. You must tap Apply (Reboot).
Important Note:

Be very careful doing this Step. On some devices, this method can lead to a circular reboot or other undesirable consequences. Make a backup system before you try to disable permission.

(To return Application to its original state, you need to tap “Remove ODEX with Changes”)