Firewall App Blocker v1.4 Free Download Latest Is Here

Firewall App Blocker v1.4 Free Download Daily2k

Firewall App Blocker v1.4 Firewall App Blocker v1.4 software might sound a little foreign friend all ears. Firewall App Blocker v1.4 is a software that serves to facilitate us in the process of blocking firewall on a specific application or software. That gini sob, there are some software can not be updated or connected directly to the internet connection. If the software is connected with an internet connection, usually the software status of the full version into the trial software. Well, Firewall Blocker v1.4 is useful for blocking the activity. We can still use the software without having to fear the software into trial, blacklist, or can not be used as connected to the Internet.

Firewall App Blocker v1.4 Free Download Latest Is Here Daily2k

Firewall App Blocker (Fab) v1.4 – 29.08.2014

1. ADDED – Language support
2. ADDED – Exe Context Menu (You can now easily right click any program (exe) and block it in the Windows Firewall instantly)
3. FIXED – Button design
4. FIXED – Code improvements

Note: Firewall App Blocker doesn’t change Windows Firewall default settings. If you use 3rd party security software or a 3rd party firewall (e.g. Avast), they can disable your Windows Firewall. Firewall App Blocker runs properly only if your Windows Firewall is enabled.

Shown below are FAB’s Options and Edit menus. In this version there are some extra features on the Options menu, including “Add to exe Context Menu”

Firewall App Blocker v1.4 Free Download Latest Daily2k

Download: Firewall/Link

If you choose to use this feature, it will add a new entry on the right click context menu for .exe files. This will allow you to right click any .exe file and easily add it to the Windows Firewall. This context menu entry can be altered to only display when you press the Shift key. To do this, select “Use Shift Key to Display”

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