Air Assault 2 Free Download 2016 Latest Version (PC & Simulation Game )

 Air Assault 2 Free DownloadAir Assault 2 Free Download 2016 Latest Version (PC & Simulation Game )

Air Assault 2 Free Download Air Assault 2 Free Download.Air Assault 2  is the most popular Game available in the market which is developed by Media Contac LLC. This is the second part of a very good tittle, that offers you a lot of action, easy controls and, of course, a spectacular graphics display .The missions that you have to reach will be in a variety of scenarios such as the sea, the mountains, the desert or highly populated areas You have to prove your abilities to do your duty without killing an innocent or trying to not destroy your vehicle. The simplicity of the controls,will make you to dominate the skies with your helicopter, and you will end up with many enemies on the screen.

Air Assault 2 Free Download 2016 Latest Version (PC & Simulation Game )

The opponent military group in game has their own demands and they attack on country and also on key army areas. The mission of pilot in Air Assault 2 Free Download game is to prevent the attack . The game pilot has access to latest advanced air weapons. The new helicopters and jet fighters.

Air Assault 2 Free Download 2016 Latest Version (PC & Simulation Game )

Download: Air-Assault-2 Free Download 2016

The story regarding the game is that there is group regarding terrorists named Militia. Air Assault 2 Free Download Game desire regarding Militia group is toward rule over the world. So the target regarding the player is toward destroy the setup regarding Militia group furthermore stooping them from ruling over the world. In simple there is battle between player furthermore Militia group.

Air Assault 2 Free Download player can use the help regarding latest technology helicopters. These helicopters are full regarding latest weapons like homing missiles, cannons furthermore blind fire rockets. You can also enjoy five different kinds regarding missiles and ten unique kinds regarding weapons in Air Assault 2 Free Download.

NEW STUFF OF Air Assault 2  :

  • 18 large levels with 3 impressive big bosses;
  • 5 different landscapes types;
  • Over 100(!!!) different designs with exclusive characteristics;
  • 6 different helicopters to fly on;
  • 10 exclusive weapons with 3-7 level upgrade;
  • 15 different benefits and 5 bomb types;
  • Night projects with different environment conditions;
  • Five levels of issues for hardcore-gamers and rookies;
  • Unique soundtrack and impressive sound effects;
  • Air Assault 2 Free Download;
  • A leading-edge 3D Design Engine;
  • Free finish version activity without any limitations.


  • Windows 8,Windows 7, Windows Vista,Windows XP,Windows 2000
  • Pentium 4
  • DirectX 9.0
  • RAM 256 Mb
  • Hard Disk:Free Space 110Mb
  • Video Card
  • Sound Card
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